My name is Luna. Let’s save the world.

Let me start from the beginning – the conception of my brain children.

I want to convince you that there is still magic in this world. I want to inspire you to believe that not all is lost. Though the spring may be silent, the water continues to flow and the soil revels in its wild, thriving nourishment.

Our Dreams of Reams of Paper – dreams of a wealth of creative and attractive power, have materialized from behind the veil. We were born unto this world to realize these dreams. My passions – to write, to educate, to heal. Because the rite to health and knowledge is right; pure magic, pure inspiration.

This web – the world wide web – is a medium – of potent force. Here, you and others will see all that i have to give – my photos, my words, my recipes of the divine. The root topic is magic – the branches and the leaves will be esoteric knowledge, mythology, travel, methods of divination both practical and archaic, health through nutrition, beautiful women, crafts, and human connections. I hope to never be boring and will never sell my soul – hopefully what is written here will be helpful to you and be informative and entertaining.